15 May 2007


Kerry shamed me into posting again. What can I say? With the semester ending and all, blogging wasn't tops in terms of priorities. It's been a busy and exhausting spring.

Sadly I have forgotten where I left off my Charleston adventure and don't really want to sort through all that, so I'll postpone the update until another day. However, the photo to your left is the pretty vase I got at the Marion Square farmer's market on Saturday. The artist is Heather Martinez of Designs in Clay. According to her card, the technique is called caneworking:

The multicolored patterns are formed by caning translucent and colored polymer clays, resulting in vibrant designs that can be accentuated by candlelight or natural sunlight.

So there.

10 May 2007

kerry's using Kelly's blog

Kelly apparently didn't sign herself out of blogger, so I am posting something on her blog to wig her out. She's in my den right now watching Blues Brothers with Kenny and Paul. Suzanna is having a blast with her. We are looking forward to watching Kenny graduate in his black dress on Saturday. Way to go Kenny!

This picture was taken at Pratt Park the other day. Cute ducks!