16 March 2008

Yay me!

I just checked my half-marathon results and am pretty pleased . . . I ran a 2:15!  (Okay, actually it was more like 2:15:55, but we're rounding this one down, okay?)  This means I maintained a 10:23 pace over 13.1 miles, which isn't too shabby for me.  I finished about halfway through my division - women 30 to 34 - and halfway among women overall.

Aside from having to get up at the well before the crack of dawn, and also aside from getting stuck in marathon traffic on the way back, everything went really well.  It was cold and windy at the start, got less windy for a bit, then windy at the finish too!  But I felt really good at the end and still am not too sore.  I hope to have pictures later - if they're any good, I'm totally springing for them.

More later . . .