22 February 2007

Finally . . .

The weather's started to warm up, the days are getting longer, and I'm beginning to feel like the long cold winter is over. I'll be in Alabama next week visiting the baby (oh yeah, and Kerry too), so there is much to do, ie., getting laundry done, cat box changed, cleaned and organized.

Also school has been unusually irksome what with having to plan ahead for next week's lesson so the lovely Cindy can sub for me. Additionally they are in the middle of re-accreditation, so I've been having to compile mountains of inane paperwork for the auditors to ignore. Also midterms were due this week. Kids, in order to pass you have to occasionally, you know, do work.

But! Things are being crossed off my list in good time, and I've even had time to work a little more on the sweater I started for Mckenzie. Sadly I don't think it'll be finished by the time I leave Virginia, but maybe I can finish it up in Alabama?

18 February 2007


Lots of randomness:
  1. I have a new niece! Molly Mckenzie, born 13 February. Lots of black hair.
  2. I finished a cute little hat for Mckenzie. Purple and hot pink. Also started on a little baby sweater for her.
  3. Valentine's Day! Got flowers . . . will try to figure out Sprint photos and post pics.
  4. It's cold!
  5. Went to Baker's Crust with Kristin and had the best potato chips ever . . . called "tavern chips" and feature bacon and cheese.
  6. Went to Cancan with Liz and friend. Lots of croissants.
  7. Marzie has taken to hanging out on the right side of my desk, which must be the warmest spot in the house.

05 February 2007

Very very cold

We had a fire alarm at work today, which would have been a pain anyway, but it's freezing cold outside, and more to the point, I was on desk so had to decide: Is it worth the risk to dash back to my office to grab a coat? (And I should note I was lucky in that regard; many of my colleagues have offices on another floor and had to go out in the sub-freezing temps coatless.) In the end I decided the risk of hypothermia was greater than the risk of being smoked alive, so I was relatively warm. However, I regretted my decision to wear my un-sensible magic pointy shoes today.

In further cold-related news, I had to wait for twenty minutes at the bus stop tonight. Fortunately I had my warmer shoes on as well as hat, scarf, gloves, etc. The heat has been running continuously since I got home, and the cat has very sensibly buried herself under my covers. Also, I just checked the weather forecast and they are predicting a low of 11 tonight. E-LEV-en. (For those of you keeping score at home it's 23 right now with a wind chill that makes it feel like 13. Lovely.)