28 December 2006


No time to write up a summary of the New York trip tonight (maybe later!) but I did want to post this lovely picture of us at the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. It's ironic that angel wings appear to be growing out of our backs; shortly after this picture was taken, one of New York's finest asked us to get off the bench we were standing on.

22 December 2006


Experimenting to see if posting a Google doc to the Web and then linking it to an entry will work for class purposes next semester.

Five Points Rubric

20 December 2006

Merry and Bright

Well, I'm beginning to see the end of things. As indicated in my last post, I've been phenomenally busy with end-of-the semester school ickiness as well as trips, holiday activities, and the normal everyday things that begin to seem abnormally difficult when your schedule is suddenly packed to the gills. I managed to cross everything off my list last night and am on track to do the same tonight. Yessss!

I had a lovely trip to New York last weekend which I hope to detail tomorrow night, complete with witty observations and links to places visited. However, I did want to post the two photos you see here from my October trip to Tennessee. (See post titled "Nothing, uh, stinks like a Big Orange" for further details.) One is of me and RP at Cade's Cove; the other is of the two of us at the game. You can tell the game hasn't started yet here because we can still move.

13 December 2006

So so busy right now and looking forward to Christmas simply because it means all the busy-ness will finally be over.  In the next nine days, I will have to finish all my grading for the semester, get grades calculated, post grades to new computer site, and submit physical grade sheet and supporting documents.  Also submit "teaching portfolio" with copies of all manner of miscellany:  syllabus, schedule, tests, major assignments, samples of A, B, and C level work.  Also they decided they want an updated resume, so I have to update my resume (after finding it) and submit that.  Oh, and you know, the full-time job demands attention.  And a blasted Holiday Breakfast on the 21st for whch I am preparing sausage and potato casserole.

And I'm going to be out of town this weekend.  And as I will be leaving for Alabama on the 22nd, I will also have to throw together a suitcase for that as well.

Or, better idea, I'll just go and lie in a dark room until it's over, ok?

11 December 2006

Well, the semester is winding down and I'm taking a break from grading papers.  The weather finally warmed up a bit this weekend and I took advantage of it, going up to NOVA where I wish I could say I did some kind of outdoorsy thing.  Nope.  But we did have a lovely brunch and watched "The Big Lebowski," which I'm sure must count for something.  

Also fully appreciated the effectiveness of the HOV lanes, which were (unusually for a Sunday) open going into the city rather than away from it.  It was far and away the least congested drive I've ever made up there.

And quick congratulations to my old high school, the Prattville Lions, who won the Alabama State Championship (6A), 35-21 over Hoover.

05 December 2006

Quick update . . . Has it really been two and a half weeks?  Such a busy time including a Thanksgiving trip to Orange Beach with the family (see Kerry's blog for pictures) and a cold that's lasted well over a week now.  That's odd for me.  I've been through two boxes of tissues, nearly a whole box of Tylenol Cold, and have been taking all sorts of Vitamin C-Zinc supplements that are drying my skin out. 

The beach was excellent, a nice time to see extended family, eat, and take nice long walks along the Gulf.  As always, Suzanna was particular fun.  Her vocabulary has really gone into overdrive since the last time I saw her, so I got to hear such gems as "my peoples sippin."  (By which she means her parents are sleeping.)

Had today off work on account of having worked Saturday, so I did some power shopping; between Amazon and Stony Point, I was able to cross most of the people off my list.