05 December 2006

Quick update . . . Has it really been two and a half weeks?  Such a busy time including a Thanksgiving trip to Orange Beach with the family (see Kerry's blog for pictures) and a cold that's lasted well over a week now.  That's odd for me.  I've been through two boxes of tissues, nearly a whole box of Tylenol Cold, and have been taking all sorts of Vitamin C-Zinc supplements that are drying my skin out. 

The beach was excellent, a nice time to see extended family, eat, and take nice long walks along the Gulf.  As always, Suzanna was particular fun.  Her vocabulary has really gone into overdrive since the last time I saw her, so I got to hear such gems as "my peoples sippin."  (By which she means her parents are sleeping.)

Had today off work on account of having worked Saturday, so I did some power shopping; between Amazon and Stony Point, I was able to cross most of the people off my list.  

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Kathy said...

Thanks for the update. I hope you feel better real soon.