14 July 2006

Happy Bastille Day!

I've been shamed by Kerry's excessive blogging, but she has a cute little toddler to write about.  I love how she says ""Virginia" - "A-gin-a."  Not much has been going on of interest.  (I say of interest because I just now had a chance to use the Burt's Bees facial kit my SP sent me a month ago!  My skin feels so nice, SP, thank you!)  I'm off to fabulous NOVA this weekend, but have to go to a meeting for school tomorrow morning and would really like to get a quick workout in during the interval . . . maybe whilst the oil is being changed in the Honda?

Remember when weekends were restful?

08 July 2006

More goodies from SP!

I was so pleased yesterday to come home to a present from my Secret Pal! All of it beautiful stuff, too. There were some more Addi needles for sock knitting, some gorgeous red sock yarn (what kind, oh SP? As soon as I find out I'm going to cast on some socks straightaway), notecards, a sweet little knitted bag stuffed with stitch markers and a retractable measuring tape, peppermint candy, and some Body Shop eye treats, which I'll need after knitting on those tiny tiny needles. Also some toys for Marzie, which she Loved.

I am now off to Carytown to pick up some yarn for those fingerless mitten things in the new Knitty (what is the pattern called again? Can't remember). Beautiful and useful. I hope to shame the building management at work into keeping the offices a decent temperature, but if my hearing a hat inside hasn't done it, I doubt this stunt will, either.

05 July 2006

Everything is beachy

Today was uneventful unless you count the light at the grocery store being out owing to the monsoon of a thunderstorm we had between 5:30 and 6:00. Which meant I had to get across Broad Street without a traffic control of any kind. It wasn't pretty, believe me.

To the left is an action shot of my cousin Will surfung, or boogie boarding, or whatever. (If anyone reading this knows the difference, please enlighten me.)

Also included for your enjoyment is a picture of Beth and Will really enjoying their portable game things, as well as a picture of Stephanie looking very much like her mother. (You see a bit of Beth and Cecelia in that one too, as well as Melissa's right hand.)

04 July 2006

They're Golden!

I had excellent fun this weekend at Virginia Beach attending the 50th wedding anniversary of my Aunt Ginny and Uncle Bob. (I also represented the Gilberts and Brothers, who were in Alabama having as much fun as they could manage without my presence.) Aunt Ginny, for those who like to keep track, is my maternal grandmother's sister. Also in attendance were all three of her children and their spouses - no mean feat - as well as all three grandchildren, my grandmother, an uncle, aunt, and cousin as well as Calvin who, I believe, was in the wedding party.

We had a delicious dinner (well, mid-afternoon meal, whatever you like to call it) on the porch that featured grilled chicken and smoked beef. Also green beans, squash casserole, salad, and rolls. Then adjourned to the garage for champagne and cake. Many of us also went to the beach (Sandbridge for those of you familiar with the area) and sat around, walked, etc. It was a beautiful, but hot day. Beth and Will got in some ocean time. More pictures to follow.