08 July 2006

More goodies from SP!

I was so pleased yesterday to come home to a present from my Secret Pal! All of it beautiful stuff, too. There were some more Addi needles for sock knitting, some gorgeous red sock yarn (what kind, oh SP? As soon as I find out I'm going to cast on some socks straightaway), notecards, a sweet little knitted bag stuffed with stitch markers and a retractable measuring tape, peppermint candy, and some Body Shop eye treats, which I'll need after knitting on those tiny tiny needles. Also some toys for Marzie, which she Loved.

I am now off to Carytown to pick up some yarn for those fingerless mitten things in the new Knitty (what is the pattern called again? Can't remember). Beautiful and useful. I hope to shame the building management at work into keeping the offices a decent temperature, but if my hearing a hat inside hasn't done it, I doubt this stunt will, either.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad Marzie liked them.. just wait, in a week they'll all be gone and you'll find them under the couch, bed or fridge. I must buy one of those five packs every few weeks. I still haven't found the old ones.

The yarn is Scheafer Anne, I thought I had sent the tag with it (hrm... maybe it's still in this pile on the desk)


Kerry said...

Wow-you have the best secret pal ever! I should join a society where my secret pal sends chocolate. Or peanut butter. Or Coca-cola.