17 June 2007

Settling In

A few pictures of the upstairs I snapped yesterday morning . . . I've straightened and thrown away more things since then. (Where does it all come from? I threw away a garbage-bag worth of things every week for the last month and a big old leaf bag of trash today. That's just me, y'all. Elves must come in every night and leave things is all I can come up with.)

But things are really looking much better, the kitchen is in working order, and I can walk around without giving myself bruises. I trolled Short Pump yesterday looking for decorating ideas . . . bought some super-comfy shoes and remembered why I don't go out there on Saturdays if I can help it. Such crowds!

10 June 2007

More Moving

I just cannot believe how tired I am! Surely moving was not this hard last time around? I carried most of my things (i.e., books) over yesterday while Kristin and her sweet parents painted my room and bathroom. (Isn't that nice? I'm including a very out-of-focus pic of the pre-paint room to show why this was necessary. I don't do salmon pink, and the Webbs totally understood.) My bedroom is now "Eastern Sunrise" which is appropriate because it faces the east, and the bathroom is "Garden Pond."

Today after church I carried over what clothes I wouldn't need for tomorrow as well as some kitchen things. Pictures document our progress. Movers arrive tomorrow to get heavy/awkward things.

08 June 2007

New Place!

Here are a few pictures of the new place before painting and before moving in. Kristin's sweet parents came down from Harrisonburg this weekend, and this plan is this:

Friday - clean
Saturday - paint
Sunday - move what we can carry
Monday - movers move heavy things and furniture
Tuesday - wrap up

What could possibly go wrong?