02 July 2007

Post of shame

Not much to report here, other than the weather is weirdly beautiful . . . just checked and the temp is 79, the humidity at a crisp 36%. On July 2nd, people! Move to Virginia!

In other news, there was a bear sighting at the Sam's on West Broad, i.e., a mile away from my house. Our neighborhood association people very kindly posted "what to do if you see a bear" hints on the mailboxes. "Say your prayers" was not among them, strangely. Also, I've started again with the yoga. I have class tonight, in fact. I've been pretty slack with the exercise this last week, but sometimes a girl needs a break, you know? Back on the wagon this week.

Saw Ocean's Thirteen with Kristin last week. Pretty, pretty man candy.

The attached photo of Marzie was taken in my old apartment, and the lack of furniture seems to have made her strangely cooperative and photogenic. The other is of me with Paul at the White House, and I swiped it directly from Kerry's blog. It's in the Rose Garden, and we saw the First Dogs while this picture was being snapped. Many thanks to Robert Stillwell for taking us on the tour and for getting some good photos. (Though I think he was wrong to insist the security badge be flipped around to my back . . . now it just looks like a weird necklace.)