18 February 2007


Lots of randomness:
  1. I have a new niece! Molly Mckenzie, born 13 February. Lots of black hair.
  2. I finished a cute little hat for Mckenzie. Purple and hot pink. Also started on a little baby sweater for her.
  3. Valentine's Day! Got flowers . . . will try to figure out Sprint photos and post pics.
  4. It's cold!
  5. Went to Baker's Crust with Kristin and had the best potato chips ever . . . called "tavern chips" and feature bacon and cheese.
  6. Went to Cancan with Liz and friend. Lots of croissants.
  7. Marzie has taken to hanging out on the right side of my desk, which must be the warmest spot in the house.

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