01 April 2007

A more detailed analysis of the race

So, I was finally able to check the race site again and discovered that there were 20,588 finishers in yesterday's race; of these, I finished 9,305 - about halfway back. 12,021 of these finishers were women (that's many more women than men! obviously races are not the place to pick up boys . . . ), and of those I finished in place 3,737, just a third of the way back. I similarly finished #588 in my division (women aged 30-34), which had 1,573 participants in all.

The race has a costume contest every year, and some of the entrants were just excellent. See the link here. I also ran past Charlie Brown and some of the Superfriends. Superman, Wonderwoman, Batman, Robin, and who else? Is there a Supergirl? (I smoked the Superfriends. Gratifying.)


KSG said...

I'm hoping to hear more about the race. You did wonderful!

Go Girl


Kerry said...

Cool costumes! Next year you should dress up as curious george. Or big al.

KSG said...

I thnk you should go as Big AL.