03 October 2008

Five Things I Like

No offense to people who post lists of pet peeves (I have a few of those, too!), but as part of my effort to be positive, here are five things that really please me:
  1. My iPod, with all its lovely nano features:  video, audio, pictures, calendar, address book.  It has saved me from boredom and unwelcome talkers on many occasions.
  2. Beautiful fall days like today:  Cool in the shade, warm in the sun.
  3. Bacon.  Really, is there anything better?
  4. Days with enough free time to get a little knitting done.
  5. Purring cats - it's the best sound in the world.  If dogs could only learn how to purr, we wouldn't need cats at all.


Kenny said...

I concur completely, except on the knitting (though I certainly empathize).

skipsizemore said...

Ah, a sixth peeve: people who try too hard to be positive. 8^)