31 July 2010

Chocolate Peppermint Meringues, Part the Second

Our Story Continues . . .

So, I left the cookies in a turned-off oven to dry overnight. When I got up in the morning, they were still a bit chewy around the middle. Pooh. So I turned the oven to 200 for a half hour, then turned it back off and let them sit around while I ate breakfast and went to the gym. When I got back they were just about perfect! Not quite as shatteringly dry as one might get in, say, December, but pretty darn good.

So I went to whip up the ganache. I'd been frustrated in my efforts to find "pure peppermint oil" (it was not at any of the four stores -- including Penzey's and the fancy chocolate shop -- John and I went to), so in the end I used peppermint extract. I used the microwave to melt the chocolate (as I always do) and think I let my impatience get the better of me . . . the chocolate heated too much and got a bit grainy. But as the chocolate layer was so thin, and delicious, I don't think it mattered all that much in the end.

Boy, were these good! When I make them again I'll use a pastry bag and make a point to make them a bit smaller, but otherwise I wouldn't change a thing. The cookies peeled off the foil like a dream, stayed stuck together, and tasted just like mint chocolate chip ice cream. I went the rustic route, so mine wouldn't have won any beauty contests, but with a little more attention they could really be showstoppers. Certainly everyone at the shindig I took them to gobbled them up and raved.


Shandy said...

Thank you for hosting this week's SMS! You did awesome! Your photos are wonderful and, frustration and all, I am glad to hear your chocolate peppermint meringues came out delicious.
I loved the candy, even though I made a few alterations because I wanted some summer added in. Thank you again for such a delicious choice. =)

Candy Girl said...

Thanks for hosting this week. Here it is Sunday morning and I'm trying to decide if I want to make these. These look delicious but it so humid here I don't know if they will turn out.

Your cookies look delicious! Great posts!

Nikki said...

thanks for hosting kelly, yours look great! thanks so much for the tips, too, they're super helpful, i will definitely dry mine out more next time.

Gloria said...

Kelly, I love the rustic look of your meringues! I too had an issue with the baking time and I also could not find peppermint oil. I find that with meringues I just keep baking them until all the chewy texture is gone. Thanks for sharing your aunts recipe. I will try the 300 degree oven and leaving overnight.

I loved how these cookies tasted! Thanks for hosting this week.