03 August 2006

Okay, I'm getting some pushback from people (Mom) miffed at the fact that I haven't updated in a while.  (Since Bastille Day, if I recall correctly.)  Sorry about that.  My reasons are:

1.  Busy
2.  Busy
3.  Busy

Seriously.  End of the semester, Bible studies at chez moi, occasional trips to NOVA, etc. etc.  Also none of these are picture-generating activities, and it's kind of a drag to look at a blog and not see pics.

So consider yourself updated.  (Actually, I will see family this weekend, so hopefully some photos as well as interesting stories will emerge.)


Anonymous said...

hrm... I can understand busy. Hopefully I'll get your last package out either Monday or Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Oblique references to NOVA...pushback...I should be getting a writing credit on here! Just for funsies.