15 March 2007

Ummm . . .

Well, it's been a while, certainly! I've been out of touch for a bit, owing to a trip to Alabama, the week preparing to go to Alabama, and the week recovering from having been in Alabama. I picked up some kind of icky cold or something (for which I am blaming Suzanna) and am just starting to really feel better. A bit sniffy and headachy, but otherwise much improved.

Not much to say, weather's been lovely the last few days, and it was a good thing because there was a wreck right in front of my building and I stood on the corner waiting for the bus for, like fifteen minutes. The bus was right across the street and it just couldn't get across all the congested traffic. Other signs of spring: cute little birds eating discarded sandwiches at City Hall, daffodils, and I believe I saw a dogwood starting to bloom this morning! This is excellent news, especially for my heating bill! (Last month, fed up with being cold and sick, I decided to be warm and sick. The power bill, predictably, went up by a good fifty percent.)

School is fine - same old thing. The motivated students are doing extremely well, and the less motivated have quit showing up. Oh, and my next trip will be an Easter weekend in Charleston to see the girls and celebrate CSD's 30th.


KSG said...

I am glad that you are feeling better.

The bradford pear trees in MGM and P'ville are in full bloom---the cars are covered with pollen. The dogwood trees are beginning to bud heavily; they will be in full bloom next week. The azaleas are beginning to open and likewise, they'll be in open bloom late next week. I even saw some wisteria opening. I'm keeping all the windows down.

We had a nice visit with Suzanna, Mckenzie, and Kerry. Kerry was very brave to travel with such a group by herself.

Suzanna wasn't feeling well when she was here, but she certainly is charming and we really enjoyed her chitter chatter and observations about life. Mckenzie was very alert to what was around her;it won't be long before she is talking. In the meantime she makes snorting noises when she is hungry and one had better get moving before it's a cry.


Kerry said...

why does nobody write on my blog?

KSG said...

I find Kerry's blog very hard to open now that she has changed the format.