23 March 2007

What I Did This Week

The weather has finally warmed up, thank Heaven, more or less for good. All the sure signs of spring are in the air . . . bradford pears, dogwoods, daffodils, asparagus for $2 a pound, and reasonably priced strawberries. Yay! I had an asparagus and onion fritatta for supper tonight, my first of the season. I really do think fall is the prettiest season in Virginia (the colors work really well with all the brick) but there is an awful lot to be said for spring. For one thing, the food is much better.

I went for a training run tonight, as the 10K is next Saturday. It must be all the iron the doc has me on, but running isn't nearly the struggle it used to be. Having red blood cells transport oxygen as they're supposed to must be helping. I'm hoping to work in a weight session tomorrow morning to get used to doing things early. I've always found my energy levels are way higher in the afternoon, but most race organizers seem to be sadistic early-bird types. I've been preparing to be out of town/out of town/sick a lot this last month, so I won't be setting any records, but I think I'll be able to run the whole way.

Easter is in two weeks, y'all! I don't have an Easter dress or anything. What's more worrisome is that I haven't gotten to a Lenten Lunch at St. Paul's at all this year. I'm hoping to remedy that situation next week, preferably on cheese souffle day.

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