07 April 2008

Monument Avenue Analysis!

Okay, so the time was 1:01:32, which was an entire second faster than my roommate Kristin. It is a personal record (sadly enough) for my 10K, besting my previous best by about 20 seconds. It also works out to about a 9:54 pace. There were 1791 women in my age group, of whom I finished 525th, a little less than a third of the way back. Overall, I finished 9,266 of 24,055 finishers. There were 14,066 women who finished the race, and I was the 3500th woman to finish.

I was pretty pleased with it all . . . my goal was really just to finish in one piece, as the half marathon was just three weeks prior, and my right leg had been a little gimpy for the last week and a half. I do think I could have had a better time if (1) The weather had been slightly better, (2) Said right leg hadn't started acting up around mile five, and (3) My fellow racers had accurately predicted their times and not gummed up the works, forcing me to run around them. Seriously, people, I really do understand and sympathize if you're not a fast runner. (See times above.) But you need to own the slow.

(Oh, and the right leg is feeling more or less normal again. Also, Kenny, my Facebook page has a pic of me running.)

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