14 June 2010

Chocolate Orange Macaroons

This week's Sweet Melissa Sunday challenge was hosted by BlueTreeGreenHeart. Chocolate Orange Macaroons -- yum!

Here are the very simple ingredients: Coconut, chocolate, orange zest, sugar, and egg white.
(I also added a pinch of salt for good measure.)

The method couldn't be easier: Mix by hand, bake until golden.

Don't you want one right now? John said they were the best of the things I've made so far for SMS. I read previous posts and sprayed my foil with Baker's Joy, so there was no problem getting them off the cookie sheet. I loved the way the bottoms got caramely and crunchy while the inside was moist and chewy. And I think the orange zest really brought it ll together nicely.

Another win! (And something I'll probably make again.) Go check out the baker's links for more!


Gloria said...

Your macaroons look dee-lish! And yes I do want one right now. These were a fun and tasty cookie! :)

Tessa said...

Glad you enjoyed them! They do look delicious...

margot said...

Your macaroons look terrific! I'm glad they were a hit.