24 September 2006

To conclude . . .

Well, last weekend (meaning the 16th and 17th) was considerably less dramatic, but not without its ups and downs. I went to visit my grandmother in Chesapeake and decided on Sunday that I'd go to a church in Virginia Beach that is pastored by an ex-roommate's parents. I'd been there once before, though from a totally different direction, and it was really nice. So I mapquested it, found the service times, and started off last Sunday, full of hope.

Alas, it was not to be. Darn Mapquest completely misdirected me through Portsmouth, though I can fortunately bluff my way through that town tolerably well. However, when it gave me a wrong turn in Virginia Beach I was completely befuddled. I don't know the Beach at all, so I was at the mercy of a merciless mapquest. After I finally found the church (sadly long after they'd started) and turned around to head back to Meme's house, I discovered another interesting thing: The Downtown Tunnel has holes in it! ! !

To be specific, the superstructure, i.e., the part that contains the tunnel you drive through as well as electrical and ventilation systems, etc., appears to be sound. However, it is severely disconcerting to be driving, you know, under the water and look up and see a gaping hole in the ceiling. And not just one hole, but three. I need hardly add I was very very happy to get back to Meme's.

I had a fun birthday yesterday that featured a delicious chocolate cake and quality time with a friend. Mike Shula apparently did not get the memo that Bama can't lose because it's my birthday. Apart from that everything was lovely.

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Kathy said...

The downtown tunnel was openend in 1952 for the 200th celebration of the incorruption of the City of Portsmouth; that makes the tunnel over fifty years old. I remember, as a four year old, looking into the tubes from viewing points. I still have dreams about tunnels in construction---not often though. What is amazing is that the stuff they have been replacing is just about as old as I am.

There are many tunnels around the Tidewater area. I went through one, usually the Midtown, every day for four years when I went to college---never really liked driving, and even less so now. Remember that Midtown was the one that flooded during a hurricane a couple of years ago. Someone had forgotten to check the flood gates after replacement and they wouldn't go down. There was fish swimming in that tunnel for about two weeks while they cleaned and pumped it out. The last time I was through Midtown was in May and it still looks grimmy.

And how was your day?