10 September 2006


What a very busy couple of weeks . . . and no letup in sight. I spent Labor Day weekend in Alabama visiting the family and going to a football game in the fabulously expanded Bryant-Denny Stadium, which clearly takes as its motto, "Anything worth doing is worth overdoing." Got to see Bama win, always a nice thing, and also got to see my very funny niece who has taken to calling herself Baby Zanna. She's also developed the charming habit of dancing any time she hears music. What with Muzak in WalMart, radio, and cell phone songs, that's a lot of time to boogie!

(Is it sad that my family's chief entertainment these days is sitting around and watching the baby?)

I thought I'd have a relaxing three-day week, but I discovered as soon as I returned that not only did I have a meeting for school that night, classes in fact start a week earlier than I'd thought! D'oh! I'm teaching Thursdays this semester, which means I unfortunately miss Bible Study, but I will get to take time off for Thanksgiving. The fall calendar is filling up quickly!

More tomorrow night, I hope. I have another stinkin' meeting for school, but there are weekend adventures to share.

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