25 September 2006

What a beautiful night here in Richmond!  Sadly I am inside preparing for class . . . tricky people at school switched books on me so I'm doing well to stay ahead of the students.  (Great group so far . . . several of them have actually turned in their homework early.  Gasp.)

Kristin and I went out for my birfday (observed) to the charming Kuba Kuba and had a predictably delicious dinner.  I had Huevos California, like huevos rancheros but with avocado on top.  And since it's Kuba Kuba, served over Cuban bread instead of tortillas.  Also a side of tostones and tres leches cake for dessert.  We walked around a few blocks in the Fan, but I'll be clocking in some serious treadmill time to burn off all the deliciousness!  Thanks, Kristin!

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