15 May 2006

Back!  Well, not entirely, as stinkin' Verizon has not seen fit to turn on DSL at the new place and has in fact pushed back our date to June 4.  We put in the order on May 2.  They will be getting a snarky call in the near future, have no doubt.  (Weirdly, though, I tried the modem anyway tonight and the computer recognized the network.  I'm thinking it must be configured weirdly.  Maybe I need to spend some more time on the phone with the Indians.)

In the meantime, I'm in the Cool Beans coffee and ice cream shop near me, sipping a dangerously tasty spiced chai cooler.

The move?  Everything was mostly good, although the movers did break my table.  Hoping to be reasonably compensated for that.  The weather held, not beginning to rain until after we'd gotten everything in.  And I've gotten pretty close to everything unpacked, just a few boxes of books and the dread odds and ends to get done.  Since the connection here seems to be pretty good, maybe I'll even try posting some pictures soon - I've got lots!

The new apartment is very very nice, a great shady balcony and a beautiful - if somewhat small - kitchen.  Also I have a proper tiled bathroom (or linoleum, or whatever, the point is: not carpeted, which gave me the heebie-jeebies and just held on to the cat litter like a miser holds onto a penny), and the lighting is gorgeous.  Further, the walls are a lovely pale yellow color I like to call buttercream, and the place is altogether cozy.


Kathy said...

Thanks for the update. I'm looking forward to he pictures and getting more blogs from you.


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