10 May 2006

Tonight marks the beginning of the end of what might be called the "Thistleblog" era . . . moving to a new place beginning tomorrow, when we will move everything we can carry. Movers to come on Friday to move furniture and heavy things. It's going to be a cranky, cranky weekend for me. Pray for good temper and good weather!

(Unpleasant as moving is, I must say that I'm looking forward to having four whole days in a row off from work!)

And today's geek moment: Intractable means stubborn. Meta, when used as a prefix, is all kinds of fun. Metadata is data about data. Meta-language is a language used to describe language. A meta biography would be a biography about biographies.


Kerry said...

You are geeky!

Kelly said...

And I'm geeky enough that as I was brushing my teeth I realized I'd written intransigent instead of intractable. Fixed now.

Kenny said...

And Meta-Theory is theory about theories. Gad, I'd not have known, nor cared about it save for my GY-500 final.