22 May 2006

How did I manage without Internet?

Hmmph.  Neighbor Sean not so neighborly after all, is now requiring a password for his wireless.  And Linksys is too weak to be of any use at all.  So I am once again at the Cool Beans, this time enjoying an iced coffee.  Usually caffeine at this time of day is a mistake, but I have miles to go before I sleep . . . lots to get done for class tomorrow plus the extra special two hour season finale of 24.  

Had a fin, but exhausting weekend going to a wedding reception in Virginia Beach.  Next weekend will also be fun-but-exhausting, involving more travel and socializing.  What I really want is a lovely lazy Saturday to hang around and do nothing in particular.  Maybe someday,


Kathy said...

Thanks for the update. Glad your weekend was fun. It may be cheaper to by internet service than to spend mega money on coffee so you can use their service.

We went to Lake Martin today with the 3-M's from church and went out on a pontoon boat. Sure was nice. See you next Monday in Fredericksburg and say "hi" to Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, this is Gloria. Your sister told me about your family's blogs, so I'm checking them out. Extremely impressed! What a cool way for your family to keep in touch!

We're 24 watchers as well. I was disappointed with the season finale on Monday. Why can't they have some resolution for poor Jack Bauer?
-Gloria M.

Anonymous said...

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