24 June 2006

Last night I saw the most wonderful rainbow!  It was a full one, too, stretched across the sky from north to south, straddling the West End like the arch in St. Louis.  (What's that called?)  Pretty.

Not so pretty has been the last week at work, which has been characterized by crazed genealogists from Texas.  It's also been busy extracurricularly, and exhaustion is not a state I deal with well.  I get extremely sensitive to noise, which is unfortunate as I have the world's most vocal cat.  She and I have mostly made up since The Great Escape two weeks ago, but I must say that the magic is gone.


Kathy said...

Do you remember what Kiplin did to you the first day he met you? Your recovered and although he hasn't been around you very much, he remembers you everytime you come home.

Kenny said...

I saw a rainbow in Ghana. Did you see that picture?