14 June 2006

No pictures tonight, and not much to say either - have midterm grades due tomorrow (well, Friday actually, but since campus closes at 2 on Friday and I have to work at the real job all day . . . you get the picture) and have to grade tests for last night, develop a spreadsheet, and plug in all the numbers.  Will be a tiresome evening, I can tell already.

It was weirdly cool and damp today - Alberto remnants, I believe - I was actually a bit chilly waiting for the bus.  This too shall pass, however; I see we'll be in the nineties by the end of the week.  Continuing to practice sock knitting, and whilst I'm not confident enough to take it on the bus (working on a M-D dishcloth there) I do believe I've figured it out.

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Anonymous said...

keep up the practicing... working on your next box... I'll have to find somemore sock yarn to toss in it..