22 June 2006

What I Had For Lunch

This is for Kerry, who thinks I should eat more. At left is a sample lunch. Okay, maybe not the most representative sample, as it's a Tuesday lunch, which includes supper too. But anyway.

It's been an exceedingly busy week, and hot as blazes. The a/c has been running close to non-stop (and I keep it set around 76). So not looking forward to next month's power bill.


Kerry said...

Kelly, is that lunch and dinner? if so, I still say you need to eat more. That couldn't be more than 700 calories. A large snack for me.

Kerry said...

I just showed it to Paul and he said, "Wow. She's not eating much, is she?" Where in the world did you get the idea that that's enough food to stay healthy on?

Kathy said...

As long as there was a couple of snicker bars for dessert, there should be no problem.

What do you think about "Pimky"? I saw the heartbeat. Cute.


Kelly said...

lunch also icludes a few pieces of Dove chocolate. After I get back from class I have a burrito or similar.