10 June 2006

Stupid cat.  I was out on the balcony tonight talking on the phone and decided to let Marzie enjoy a bit of fresh air too; I don't mind as long as she doesn't eat the plants.  So there I am lounging and chatting when she decides to jump from the second floor balcony to the ground.

Now, my building is built into a hill so there are terraces to climb.  I get to her the first time and pick her up (she is predictably displeased) and am trying to figure a way down that does not require arms to clamber when she spies a neighboring cat and commences to howl, hiss, and spit  to beat anything I've heard from her.  Digs her claws through my new shirt, into my chest, draws blood, bites arm in several places.  

"What the **** is wrong with you?" I ask as I drop her.  Then stalk her through thorny bushes whilst plotting an easier path back to the apartment.  Finally catch her and (wisely this time) hold her with all injurious surfaces far away while carrying her back to my abode, at which point she becomes all domesticated again, purring and ingratiating herself.  No ma'am.  I know the score now.


Anonymous said...

Crazy animals. If she broke the skin where she bit you, you may want to go see a doctor. Cat bites have a very nasty habit of getting infected rather quickly. - SP

P.S. Next package, I'll send Mazie a harness :P~

Kathy said...

Who won? SP may have some good advice about the bite.


Kelly said...

I inspected the wounds today and think that the only placed where blood was drawn were from scratches, not teeth. Shirt is no longer wearable, though. Naturally she's pretending none of it happened, snuggles up to me, purrs, asks to be brushed, etc. I'm not falling for it.

Kerry said...

Cats are so sneaky. I told Paul the story and he said, "That is why we will never get a cat."

Kathy said...

Now you should understand why we always had loving dogs.