02 April 2006

141 Years

LinkOkay, so I realize it's not exactly normal to have the date of the fall of Richmond seared into your brain, and four years ago I could have probably placed it in April 1865, but no closer. However, because of the nature of my job I often run into the brick wall created on the night of April 2-3, 1865. Where are the records of New Kent County? What happened in the trial of the accused witch in Princess Anne? We'll never know, as they, along with numerous other records, went up in smoke 141 years ago.

A good description of the events (though with a Yankee bias) appears here. Someone's put together a cool page with links to contemporary descriptions of the fall and occupation here. And yes, strictly speaking, retreating Confederates did start the fire. What would you do? Leave all the munitions for the occupiers? I don't think so. Besides, what's the point of being Southern if you can't blame all your problems on the Yankees and the humidity?

In other news, I was greatly amused today to discover that my church now has a podcast for its sermons. Last Sunday's sermon (preached by Os Guinness) is already there. Take a listen.


Kerry said...

you are so funny.

Kathy said...

I remember seeing this picture in a textbook when I was in grade school in Virginia. It etched a spot in my memory. I remember thinking, then, poor Richmond.