23 April 2006

Pictures from last weekend . . .

It's been a slow couple of days, sadly lacking in anything exciting to write about. My roommate Kristin was away in North Carolina at a wedding (where she met some people from Millbrook!) so it was pretty quiet . . . just me and my cat, who is always glad to have me to herself. I've been busily putting off getting the last of the semester's papers graded and grades calculated, but that must come to an end as grades are due tomorrow. I stopped by Borders last night and bought a fab new knitting book, Mason-Dixon Knits. I was so inspired by it I immediately rooted through my yarn stash and knitted up a dishcloth. It's lovely, though worrisomely large. I am assured that it will draw up because it's cotton. We'll see. It's drying even as we speak . . . pictures to come. The book is excellent, lots of two-dimensional projects and cool colorways. I hope to knit lots of things from it.

Anyway, it's been a while since I had photos so tonight's post will be spiced up by pictures taken last weekend at Meme's house. The first is the property in her neighborhood that I just lust after. It's a sweet little house, but look at that water. And the flowers, the trees, the gravelly drive, and the pier. I often go walking at night and hear people talking, laughing, singing, and generally enjoying themselves. The second picture is, obviously, a flower of some kind or other. If I'm not mistaken, Meme said it's from a cutting her father gave her years ago. There's lots of it in her yard, just a delicate little lacy white flower. When I took this picture I was experimenting with the extreme close-up feature on my camera. I'll catch all the tricks eventually. I'm considering a photography class.

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