13 April 2006

I've been a lazy blogger! It's Maundy Thursday, and instead of being at church, I went to the gym tonight and came home to enjoy an evening of . . . nothing. It's glorious.

As I'm going to be away this weekend I've been trying to eat up all my perishables, so I polished off the lettuce, and the asparagus in one swell foop. I pan-roasted the asparagus (as described earlier) and put it over the lettuce along with Paul Newman's lemony Italian dressing. Then I put some fried haloumi cheese over all and gobbled it up along with a glass of Spanish Rose.

Haloumi is my new thing. It was an impulse buy at the Fresh Market, and it's just great. It's a kind of Greek cheese that doesn't melt. You just fry it in a dry nonstick pan and it gets nice and toasty and soft. It's excellent with lemon. I believe it is the same cheese that they light on fire in Greek restaurants. Charlotte and I had a portion of flaming cheese at a Greek place in Hell's Kitchen (New York City, not as scary as it sounds).

Nothing much new to report, though I did get a fabulous black wrap dress that is made the same as my fabulous brown wrap dress. Daring. Oh, and the Richmond city council did decide to move some of the bus stops from in front of the Library, should cut down on loitering by about a half. Excellent.

My This Day in History widget tells me that today is the anniversary of the Edict of Nantes, which gave religious toleration (temporarily) to the French Huguenots in 1598. It is also Thomas Jefferson's birthday. He would be 263.


Anonymous said...

We need to go to Monticello when we are in VA next time. Don't forget to make chicken sandwiches for Easter.

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