17 April 2006

The Lord is Risen Indeed!

And what better way to celebrate than an Easter dinner? I went down to Meme's house in Chesapeake after work on Saturday and found that, since Aunt Linda was away, I would be charged with cooking the ham as well as the asparagus and rolls. There was a little drama as I had to go out and find asparagus, and was reduced to WalMart produce, which I am sorry to report was not outstanding. I had to sort out a few dodgy-looking asparagus spears. Also had to make do with equipment that was not my own. However, in the end we had a fabulous dinner, part of which is pictured here.

I would also like to note that I was the only person at dinner to have been at Meme's church that morning, so I was the only one to witness the horrible desecration of our final hymn. I cannot remember the title, but it was one of those tricky ones where you sing all the verses first and then a little refrain at the end. For anyone who's ever had a music class, this is a pretty simple matter of looking for the repeats. Apparently the only people in the congregation that morning who'd ever had a music class were the organist and myself. Even the choir was mixed up.

I believe this is what they mean when they say "the blooming garb of spring." I got lots of nice pictures of flowers this weekend. (Also some not-so-nice pictures, still trying to get the hang of that darn camera.) The dogwoods are always pretty, and Meme's pink dogwood is just stunning. Though I must say I generally prefer the white ones, which look like little bits of lace interspersed through the woods. Hard to believe that a few hours after this picture was taken we experienced a nasty thunderstorm featuring marble-sized hail.

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Kerry said...

I have just been commenting to Paul that I NEED a nice thunderstorm to come through! WInnDixie has had asparagus on sale recently. Yea!