30 April 2006

I see from my "This Day in History" calendar that on 30 April 1939 television was first publicly broadcast.

Not much to say tonight . . . it was a bit of a dull weekend.  Well, apart from the Lehigh fires thing.  But as far as I was concerned, there was just the normal busy work on Saturday.  Took my old computer to be recycled.  Exchanged things at the mall.  To the gym.  TV.  Went out with the roomie to Edo's Squid, which is a very cool (yet reasonably priced) Italian place near VCU. 

Today was church.  It was missions Sunday, so there were various speakers.  We heard about the (dismal) state of the church in Europe as well as post-modernism (not all bad).  Then tonight there was a lecture about the spiritual state of the American university (good and bad, apparently).  We listened to speakers from the Center for Christian Study up in Charlottesville.

And as there is an inservice at Bryant and Stratton tomorrow I spent today trying to concoct a teaching philosophy.  No luck, but I did find the teaching philosophy a grad school professor once made the mistake of sharing, in which she concludes, "I believe in Tinkerbelle, and you."  No joke.  Really.

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Kathy said...

It sounds like that grad school teacher thought the teaching philosophy was silly.