28 March 2006

Dear Student,

I know a three page paper that I have already given you the stupid outline for must be a real trial.  The possbility of failing to measure up to your own exacting standards of excellence probably weighs heavily on your mind, and that is undoubtedly what led you to plagiarize.  Here is a bit of advice:  Next time you pull this stunt, do not copy directly from a source I told you about.  There is just the slightest chance I may have actually read it.



Kenny said...

I really do appreciate your sarcasm, Kelly.

Anonymous said...

Is this picture of you taken by the same photographer who took the one of you with Stonewall. Maybe the hat can be photoshoped in.

Kerry said...

Wow-you're harsh.

Grant Miller said...

I think the student should be applauded for the guts to steal from a publication you recommended. Or maybe not.