16 March 2006

In which I begin to see the problem

Well, I was thinking through my day and realized the fatal flaw with the blog thing, and it is this: I don't really have all that much to say. I'm not sure that anyone does, to tell the truth, but it doesn't seem to stop them. So I put the pretty picture of flowers at the top to distract people from this sad fact.

I'd hoped by this point I'd have my new yarn to start me new sweater, and I could share the process of knitting that first sweater, which would undoubtedly be filled with amusing pratfalls. The yarn has not gotten here yet, and I'm getting rather antsy in its regard, may break down and buy still more yarn. Maybe for a summer top or something. Or I could make a project of photographing the knitted disasters I've made, for example, the knitted yoga pants. Not a bad idea, but the, ah, rise is a little low. Channeling Britney Spears low, which is not a look I ever really strive for.

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Anonymous said...

The jonquils are beautiful. Ours have died back now. They stay beautiful for about three weeks. We probably had about a hundred blooms this year.