13 March 2006

It's so hot!

Oh my goodness, it is just unnaturally hot here. It's Richmond for heaven's sake, not Alabama, and here it is the middle of March and mid-eighties for a high. I am not going to turn on the a/c, I am not going to turn on the a/c, I am not . . .

Random photo of my cat, Marzie.

I saw this article in the Times- Disgrace Dispatch today: http://tinyurl.com/efd4a. Richmond's mayor started a bit of a kerfuffle a few weeks ago when he suggested that the bus transfers in front of the Library of Virginia might be reworked. There are two problems with the situation as it now stands: (1) Bus after bus lined up on Broad Street, blocking traffic, and (2) Dodgy people hanging around outside the Library at all hours of the day and night, littering, cursing, fighting, gettin' it on in the Library, etc.

Now, I have searched myself long and hard on this topic. The fact is that most of the GRTC riders are black, and Wilder's critics seem to imply that's the reason he wants to move the transfers. I wondered if, deep down, that's why I agree with him on this point, but in the end I don't think so. Surely the icky element is a relatively small one and the hard-working riders of GRTC (of which I am one) would be delighted to be rid of them? And I know from experience that the bus congestion affects the bus as well as the car; you just sit there for five or ten minutes, seeing your bus in the distance, but it can't get to you because of all the other buses out there. Maybe this is the impetus needed to get a proper transfer center, out of the weather and patrolled regularly by Richmond's finest.

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Anonymous said...

It will probably get cooler soon. It's about 65 degrees here in Prattville at 11:00 am. We should have several cool days. It may be cool enough to make peanut brittle tomorrow!
I enjoy your blogs. I need to give you some insight to your apaprtment hunt. Try to call tomorrow.
Maybe you need to write your opinion of the GRTC to the newspaper.