19 March 2006

Monument of the Week!

Here we have the Jackson Monument, ironically posted on a Sunday. (Ironic because Stonewall was apparently such a pious Presbyterian that he wouldn't send a letter if there was a chance it would be in transit on Sunday.) We have in the Library a few Jackson letters, and when I first started working there they let me see them. It was definitely one of those This is why I'm an archivist moments that keep you going when you're explaininng, for the fifth time that day, why the Library of Virginia does not have "all the Civil War stuff." (Reason: We lost.)

And speaking of losing, I see that Alabama lost their playoff game last night, which I was certainly sorry to see, especially as I might have caused it by glorying a little too much in Tennessee's misfortunes. But as my brother pointed out, we were the underdogs (I guess that makes UT the - is there such a thing as an overdog?) and lost to a team seeded higher. Not nearly as shameful as losing to a lower-seed team.

Since it's Sunday, I'll close with a religious quote and then get me off to church, which should make Stonewall happy.

Prayer is not overcoming God's reluctance. It is laying hands on His willingness.

Richard Trench (Archbishop of Dublin, 1807-1866)


Anonymous said...

No photog credit???????????????????????????????? ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, great picture! Whoever took that must be one heckuva photographer! Pure talent, that's all I can say.

Kelly said...

It is amazing, is it not? The focus, the framing, the composition, they're all the marks of a true genuis. Sadly, the photographer wished to remain anonymous. Otherwise, I expect he or she would be collecting awards even as we speak.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what the photographer was trying to get a picture of. Kelly or Stonewall. Anyway, either one can be photoshoped out and there would be a great picture.