21 March 2006

When Octogenerians Kill

No word on why my one grandmother was trying to strangle the other. It may have had to do with a discussion about whose side I most favor.

Ha! No, it's just an unfortunate - but funny - picture. Below is a better shot of my two sweet grandmothers, who I saw together for the first time in forever this weekend. Below that is a picture of my Aunt Betty that needs no comment.

Excellent weekend in Williamsburg, just being mellow and going with the flow as I visited with my grandmothers and aunts, some of whom live around here, and some of whom I get to see rarely. It's such a treat to spend time with them. I finally learned where my flexibility comes from (I had a feeling it wasn't a Smith trait, but my Aunt, in her mid-fifties, can still not only touch her toes but actually put her palms on the ground) and relaxed into puttering mode for a few days. Went to the outlets, went to the mall, went to this house, went to that house. No hurry - we're on vacation.


Kerry said...

SO FUNNY!!! That mamaw-she's a hoot!

Kenny said...

I would have expected "Meanie Meme" to do it. What a shock that it was Mamaw!