26 March 2006

My so-called hat

Okay, so, last month I finished a delightful hat from Teva Durham's Loop- d- Loop that Kerry got me for Christmas. It's called the Asymmetrical Mock Cable Hat, and there are also similar patterns for a vest and adult/child sweater which I will not be using because sweaters sort of freak me out. Anyway, here's a picture of me in the hat.

It's a really cute hat, made in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, cream-colored. I had some issues with the cable, my stitch counts kept getting off, but I don't really think you can tell . . . I mean, I have to look for it, and I know where I messed up. Another oddity is that it was started in the round and then knitted back and forth for the top, then all stitched together at the end. This was vastly preferable to using dpns (double pointed needles, or, for me, d___ pointed needles), but there was some stitching to do at the end. Also, I had to graft together the top of the hat, but there was not an even number of stitches, which you usually have to have when grafting. The pattern told me this would be the case, but it didn't really say how to address it.

At any rate, it's a great hat, nice and warm, and if it's a little oddly shaped when it's sitting on the hat and scarf shelf, it looks perfectly lovely on my head. Now, if only someone could explain how to crop pictures in iPhoto . . .

Heard Os Guinness yesterday morning, and he preached in church today. (You may be able to hear this morning's sermon on the 3rd Pres Web site, they usually have sermons posted there.) Hope to have my thoughts arranged on that shortly, I took so many notes I wore off a cuticle on my right hand and had to apply a band-aid. Like drinking froma fire hose. We're reading Hosea in Sunday school, which is a pretty depressing book. Those minor prophets must have been a real blast at parties.

In other news, my roommate and I went out apartment shopping today and found a great place near where we are now. We put a 24 hour courtesy hold on it and hope to have some good news by mid-week. (There was one other place we wanted to look at but it wasn't open on Sunday.) Then we can get cracking with packing, hiring movers, changing address, etc. Sigh.


Kerry said...

That is an awesome picture of you Kelly!

Kenny said...

Dude! Hosea is what my sunday school is going through. Well, not yet I don't think. We just finished Revelation right before Spring Break and the teacher mentioned doing Hosea at some point in the near future. It may be an after summer vacation type thing (the SS teacher takes off summers from teaching). I'll give you an update on that when I know.