29 March 2006

I cuss, you cuss, we all cuss for asparagus!

I know it's spring not by the longer days, not by the flowers in bloom, not by the warmer weather, but by reasonably priced asparagus. It is quite possibly my favorite vegetable, and the other night I had it my favorite way: pan-roasted. I started with some lovely asparagus spears, nicely washed, trimmed, and dried.

I melted some butter and olive oil together over medium heat. When the butter started to brown, I added the asparagus spears in one layer and covered them for about three minutes. (The spears were pretty thin . . . if they'd been thicker I'd have cooked them for a bit longer.)

After three minutes of cooking I uncovered and cooked for three minutes more, by which point they were nice and crunchy at the tips and undersides, and bright green on top. A squeeze of lemon juice, plus salt and pepper. Then serve over rice with almonds, toasted if I've been diligent.

Is there any felicity in the world superior to this?


Anonymous said...

This sounds much better than canned. Wish I could have been there to enjoy it with you.

KERRY said...

you are so funny, Kelly. There was a big article about Asparagus in the Tuscaloosa news yesterday. I thought about you. Actually, I bought 2 pounds of it the other day because it was only 2 dollars a pound!

Anonymous said...

I would like it if you cook up some of this darn good asparagus next time you visit us in Northport! :-) When can we expect this?

Anonymous said...

I love asparagus too and Ryan and Kelly will eat anything. We just ate some raw asparagus. I was too tired to cook it. I'll try to cook some like yours later.